Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mice, Snakes and Beaches.. Oh My!

9 Mile Long run!
     First I should start this blog post off by saying..."Thank goodness week 8 is OVER".   Now I'm not just saying this because I don't like running the long runs. Oh no, that's totally not the case. The "situation" started about a week ago when I got up around 12:30-1:00am to swap out a load of clothes between the washer and dryer. Yes, I do laundry that late.....

      This particular night, a curious, fast, grey, furry little mouse decided to get up with me and swap out the laundry as well. I nearly FREAKED out because..1. There's a MOUSE IN MY HOUSE. 2. Everyone is alseep. I can't scream. 3. There's a MOUSE IN MY HOUSE.

     Fast forward a couple of days...We have left glue traps all over the place. No mouse. I had to leave mid-week to go to the Coast for work. I did manage to get in a great 4 mile run after work along the beautiful beaches in Gulf Shores so that took my mind off of the little furry guy for a bit.

 Spotted: Palm Trees on my run.
 Gorgeous white sandy beaches in my own backyard!
     Friday afternoon...I'm back home sitting at my computer and Daisy, my smartest dog was creeping around the kitchen and I knew then  what was up. I knew she had it. I knew it was about to get ugly. Call in the husband. Call in the neighbor. Call in my 10 year old. We are about to be in a battle. Two grown men, one brave 10 year old, 1 light saber, 2 dogs, and me on the chair. (I was zero help).

     Let the battle begin. They chased. They destroyed. They eventually got him. But...not without DESTROYING the living room, breaking the recliner in half, knocking over furniture first.  Eventually Daisy caught the little grey mouse and I felt some relief.

     The best part of this "situation" was that my Justin had his light saber "on" the whole time so we had the mouse hunt destruction complete with Darth Vader sound effects. Best EVER. We got the mouse. Yes we did. I say "we" because I could direct everyone where to go from high atop my chair.

     However....we set out more traps that night (just in case) and caught 4 more the next morning. Okay. I'm on edge now.  I spent my entire Saturday cleaning stuff I didn't even know we had.
 My living room.....DESTROYED!!
     So I set out for my much needed 9 mile run on Sunday and of course, I see a RATTLE SNAKE on the trail that I run on. Are you kidding me??? A Rattle Snake??? I'm in serious need of a massage at this point. I had really great runs this week but I NEEDED them.  Definitely gonna need a few good runs next week too.

Week 8
Tuesday 3 Miles
Thursday 4 Miles
Sunday 9 Miles

     Hopefully, we are on the downhill with the "situation" in my house and we can get back to a normal happy life. I love Mickey Mouse and all but dang, I don't love those other little friends that came to set up camp at my house.  Week 9 has GOT to be better!

Week 9 
8/27 Tuesday--30-45 Minutes
8/29 Thursday--30-45 Minutes
8/31 Saturday--3 Miles

     I'm really enjoying my Dopey Challenge training even in spite of my Crazy Week 8! See my full training schedule here.

Happy Running and See you at the Castle...Mickey and Minnie are the ONLY mice I want to see!

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