Monday, August 12, 2013

runDisney Dopey Challenge Training Schedule Update

7 Miles...Yay!!!
     YAY!!!! I have completed Week 6 of my Dopey Challenge and it felt GREAT!!! I have really enjoyed my last few months of not running too many long runs but WOW, it felt so awesome to get a 7 miler under my belt. As much as I love running the quick runs during the week, there's just something about running those longer runs that just make you feel fabulous!!

     Football season will be here in a couple of weeks too and I know it's going to be a while before it gets chilly, but that's one more reason why I'm loving the training plan for Dopey Challenge. The long runs are scheduled for the late fall, early winter...just in time to spend the rest of the day "recovering", aka propped up on my couch watching Alabama and SEC football all day. hee hee. Love it!!

     So Week 7 Starts on Tuesday but I'm traveling a bit this week so I may have to adjust my days from Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday...not sure just yet. See my full Dopey Challenge Training Plan here.

Week 7
8/13 Tuesday--30-45 Minutes
8/15 Thursday--30-45 Minutes
8/17 Saturday--3 Miles

Happy Training and See you at the Castle!
ps. Roll Tide ;)

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