Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Running. No One Said It Was Glamorous.

Fridge Happiness. :)

     I was making a cup of coffee this morning just as I do every morning when this pic caught my eye. I have kept this on the fridge since January of 2010 and it's not coming off anytime soon! 

     This pic was taken after the 2010 Walt Disney World Half Marathon and it's really just an awful picture. Really. I've taken much cuter pics than this and this is just not that cute. No cute outfit. No pigtails. No cute Florida suntan. I wore all of the running clothes that I packed that weekend and I'm not kidding. Geez Laweez. 

     Why would I post this proudly??? 

     I keep it visible for several reasons. 

1.  Running is HARD work. Some days I just need to be reminded of this. 

2.  This was the coldest day that Florida had seen in YEARS! It was raining, sleeting, snowing through this entire race. My face was hurting from being so cold. Everyday is not sunny and 75. ;) 

3.  At the time of this race, I could barely wrap my brain around running 13.1 miles, I couldn't ever imagine anything more. Four years later, I feel slack during marathon weekend *only* running 13.1. That's a good feeling. I've come a long way, baby! 

4. I loved running Disney in the bad times and I will love running Disney in the good times. I'm loyal. 

5. I liked to wear my houndstooth visor then and I still like to wear it now. Roll Tide! 

6. Running with family and friends is the way to go. Nothing better. 

7. I am thankful for HOT coffee. I don't like being cold. 

8. I love my Donald Duck medals..Marathon weekend is one of my faves. 

9. The hardest races and challenges mean the most. I'm proud to earn my bling! 

10. When I'm having a bad day, just one look at this pic makes me smile. This was the worst of my runDisney days, yet probably one of my BEST. Be proud of your accomplishments! 

     So that's it. 10 odd facts about why I have this ridiculous picture on my fridge. 

**And yes, that really is me and Rodney Atkins standing in front of a plate of Mac n' cheese and green beans pinned up by a frozen dinner magnet and placed next to a Mickey Waffle. I just like the randomness of that.  (My house is full of crazy). 

Happy running and see you at the Castle! 

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