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runDisney Family Fun Run 5k...3.1 Miles of FUN!

Disney Family Fun Run 5K
    All of the training and hard work for Dopey Challenge was about to pay off as I began my first leg of the Race. First up, Disney Family Fun Run 5k.  Now I knew going in to this race that I loved the Disney 5k's, fun non-timed prep race for the "big races". However, this year was a bit different. Those runners who were registered for the Dopey Challenge WERE timed. Oh my! I love playing around ALOT during the 5k's. There are usually GREAT photo opps and characters along the way so that I don't feel so much pressure during the half marathons to stop for every single character. Uh oh. New strategy.

     So this was my plan:  Run really hard between photo opps, stop for those "must-see" characters, realize that I've got four days of running ahead of me, don't panic ever and finish within the time constraint. Okay. I've got this!

     I wake up really early, like 3am early, head to my shuttle and arrive at the Start Line super early. I was anxious. I was excited. I was ready.

     I have my Mom (who was running the 5 and 10K this year), two of my friends Leigh and Dellain (who were also running all four races), and was meeting up with two of my pals, Carrie and Mary Jo (who were also running all four races).  This was about to be a good time and I knew it. Again, I have been training for 6 months and I was excited!!
Up Bright and Early with Dellain, Leigh and GrandMary!
     I stop in front of the Start Line for a quick pic only to find Darrell from runDisney there goofing off and ready for a photobomb opp. Love this guy!  Even though the runDisney crew are super busy and working hard, they still make time to chat with the runners and I really appreciate that.

Found DFreezy at the Start Line!
     I found my girls, Carrie, Mary Jo and Lori too! She was running the Dopey Challenge also and with so many people at the races, it's really fun to meet up with all of my friends!
Can not say enough how much I loved hanging out with these girls for all four races!
Found my friend Jillian volunteering for the 5k...
she would later finish her first Marathon this weekend. Way to go Jillian!
     So after taking pics and chatting with friends, I'm off to my corral. I started in Corral B for this race so I only had to wait a few minutes after the official start of the race. Not bad. I will be in Corral B for the 10K as well. Same drill.

     The Start line totally gets me pumped up every time. The National Anthem is sung, the music is playing and the announcers are getting the crowd going. I love this feeling!
Start Line of the Disney Fun Run 5K!

Start Line Selfies!

....And we're off! Here we GOOOOOO!

     After we took off, we ran through the parking lot, and behind the scenes of Epcot and into the World Showcase. View the course maps here. As we entered into Epcot, I saw Daisy Duck on the side and oh my! She's wearing a Norwegian costume. Must stop for this pic!
WOW! I've never seen Daisy in her Norwegian costume!
 I like to call her "Norway Daisy Duck"!
I know it's not proper grammar but I'm from Bama and it sounds cuter to me. :)

     There were a few more character opps along the way that I did not stop for. One being Dopey in Germany. I really really really wanted to stop for this pic but the line was SO long. After the race, I heard folks saying that they stood there for at least 20-30 minutes for the pic. I'm so glad that I made the decision not to stop. Sorry Dopey. I love you but I also love the thought of your medal at the end of this challenge. If I would have stopped for that pic, I would not have been able to stop for any others and would have really been pushing the time limits. Not happening. Fingers crossed that I will find that little dwarf somewhere else during the four races. Surely that will happen. Surely. I made the decision to keep going. Glad I did.

     We found these guys hanging out in France with about a 2-3 minute wait. I think the entire race was behind us in Germany with Dopey. I'll take it!
Had to stop in France for a photo opp with these guys!
     It's finally starting to get a little more daylight out. The night pics don't turn out that great with my iphone and I didn't bring my better camera for this race. I'm holding out for the Half and the Full with that! I'll need back up for my phone battery as well....We're almost done! Time for a Selfie!
2 miles in...Epcot Selfies!

     Yahhhhooooo! Made it to the Finish Line! 3.1 of 48.6 Miles are DONE! That wasn't so bad...time for post-race pics, parks and FOOD!
Awesome 5K Finish Line!!

Woah. That's alot of Bling!

Disney Fun Run 5K Finishers! 3.1 Miles..DONE!

Found my pal Dave at the Finish!

In a Chipmunk these guys!

Oh Hey Mickey!!

I'm pretty sure that Ellen reads my blog, right?!? Lol.

Yay for meeting new friends! Ran into Kristina after all four races!!!
 What are the odds?
I'm a total fan of the Disney 5Ks!

Warning: Crazy People at the Finish Line.

     Some of my favorite pictures from any Disney race (this one is no different), are the pictures in the parking lot after the race. Even though I've done race retreat before and I love it for what it is, it's really alot of fun goofing off with my friends and taking zillions of pics with our medals on. And heck, the character photo opps are great too!
So this is me telling Pluto....
"Yeah, we're gonna run around all four parks, drink alot of water, collect alot of medals (or dog tags as you like to call them), and chase after a little dwarf. Is this something that you would find interesting?"
 He shook his tail and acted like it was a good idea.
Cool. I'm going with it. ;)

My Mom, Pluto and Me after the race!
     We had such a fun morning at the Disney Family Fun Run 5K. I'm off to grab a quick shower, cup of coffee and will be ready to hit the Magic Kingdom all before 10am. Now THAT, my friends, is a magical day.
Ready to go play in the parks with my girls!

Running shoes on, coffee in hand, event shirt shirt on and medal around my neck...
Yep. It's gonna be a good day in the Magic Kingdom!

My medal was so happy to find his very own statue at Magic Kingdom! :)
Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch.
My view...SO glad it's sunny and beautiful out and NOT snowing!

This place is just so gorgeous!

Post race soup and sandwich at Be Our Guest Restaurant...Eating like a BEAST all weekend!
True Story.

     At the end of this day, I have to focus on my eating, my hydration, overall exhaustion and eating again. I'm pretty tired but I'm not stopping. I don't get to visit Walt Disney World everyday and I'm going to make the most of it. Thanks runDisney for a fun 5k....Next up, Day 2 of the Dopey Challenge including the Inaugural Walt Disney World 10K (Minnie themed). Fun times and lots of polka-dots ahead! Stay tuned.....
Thanks for a great race, Pluto!

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