Thursday, January 2, 2014

runDisney and New Balance: The Happiest Shoes on Earth!

2013 Version New Balance runDisney shoes
(photo: runDisney)
     Remember these little beauties?!? These were the 2013 version of the runDisney-New Balance Limited edition Minnie Mouse Shoes. Even though they are last year's model...they are still gorgeous! And no, I was never lucky enough to make it to the expo when they had them in stock AND in my size! I'm still not happy about that!! Sad Bamagirl face. :(((

     I really didn't think that runDisney and New Balance could top these shoes..... until they announced the new 2014 Models!! OH. MY. GOODNESS. The details! The characters! The colors! I'm in love!!!! 

     It broke my heart last year when I ran the Marathon because I wore all of the classic Mickey and Minnie colors.  For 26.2 miles I had to watch runners run past me with those magical kicks on. Broken Heart, boring shoes on my feet and major Minnie Mouse shoe envy I tell ya.  However, I did tell every single runner as they passed me, "cute shoes" and I meant it but I cannot let these slip by me again!! 

     So here they are!! Aren't they BEAUTIFUL???? Meet the new 2014 family. I have just laid my eyes on  the utlimate running shoe Ohana. Running shoe OHHHHHANNNNA!!!!! Yeah!!

There's a new 2014 Limited Edition runDisney New Balance family of shoes!
(photo: Competitor Magazine)

(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
   I just can't quit looking at them! Each shoe has a different character featured on them, so many fun and cute details! Classic Disney. All about the details. I love everything about it. They are not too badly priced either....not more than I would pay for running shoes elsewhere. 

     These shoes are for Men, Women AND Kids...pretty much just like runDisney events! There's something for all ages. A distance for all runners. With shoes like these...Every Mile IS Magic!

"Happy New Year! What better way to kick off 2014 than to reveal the “new” limited edition New Balance runDisney running shoes and to announce they will be available to guests for the first time at next week’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna Expo.
Over the past two months we shared details about the 860 V4 featuring Sorcerer Mickey and Pink Minnie, including exciting news that this model shoe will also be available in kids sizes. We introduced the faster looking 890 V4 to the New Balance runDisney family featuring Goofy and Cinderella. And we showed you new kits with race specific shoe liners and shoelace charms that you can purchase to personalize your runDisney race experience.
Well, now is your chance to see these amazing shoes for yourself. The accompanying video will give you a detailed look at each shoe and help you decide how you want to show your Disney Side at your next runDisney event.
These 2014 New Balance runDisney shoes will only be available at runDisney Health and Fitness Expos starting with next week’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, January 8 – 11. Based on the success of the 2013 shoes and excitement building for the new 2014 shoes, we anticipate a big demand and special arrangements are being put in place to assist guests. For detailed information on how you can purchase shoes at next week’s expo, visit
On behalf of everyone at runDisney, I want to wish you a happy New Year! We invite you to follow us on runDisney Facebook, Twitter @runDisney and on runDisney Instagram for exciting news throughout the year."

     "New Balance has designed two new runDisney running shoes for 2014: One is based on its updated 860v4 stability shoe ($125; with a Sorcerer Mickey theme for men and a pink polka-dot Minnie Mouse theme for women); the other is an adaptation of its revised 890v4 neutral cushioning shoe ($120; with an orange and blue Goofy theme for men, and a blue and white Cinderella motif for women). Race kits with footbeds highlighting each of the seven RunDisney races, collectible lace charms and a special sticker will be sold separately. The 860v4 shoe will be available in kids’ sizes ($72) with a Minnie/Mickey theme. The new shoes will debut at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend expo in Orlando, Fla., on Jan. 8–12 and will only be available at runDisney events."

Sorcerer Mickey and Minnie Mouse New Balance 860v4 shoes!
(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
Notice the stars and moons on the soles!
(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
Princess shoes have arrived!
(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
Loving the polka dots!
(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
Polka dot soles...yes please!
(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
Side view of the New Balance 860v4 Minnie Mouse shoes!
(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
Cinderella themed New Balance 890v4 shoes!
(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
Such a pretty blue!
(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
The side view with lots of sparkles!
(Photo: Competitor Magazine)
These shoes come with satin shoe laces....
 (Photo: Competitor Magazine)
I'm pretty sure that the Cinderella shoes will match these gorgeous medals...don't ya think???
(Photo: runDisney)
     I think runDisney and New Balance will be sending lots of Princesses to the Finish line in these magical shoes during the Princess Half Marathon this year... I know I am hoping that I will have a pair on my feet!

Happy Running and see you at the Castle!

**Will you be buying any of these new shoes??

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