Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Now it's time to say Goodbye...

     This morning was a super sad morning for me. It's been one week and a day since I ran the Dopey Challenge and the finishers bracelets had to come off. 


     My husband said that I was starting to look like a deranged hospital patient. I'm starting to think he's right. 

     But still sad. 

     My Justin made the two rubber band bracelets for me so I will still wear those. One for Mickey colors and one for Dopey colors. He loves my running, such a sweet sweet boy to his Mama. ❤

     Oh well. Time to move on...

     I've got three halves in February, a 5k in March and a Full marathon scheduled for April. 

     No time for sadness. 

     New arm party and Spring running here I come. :)

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