Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dopey Challenge Training Plan Update!

Woah. I just realized that it's been a few weeks since I've updated my training plan on my blog.  As of right now, I'm still on track! That's really hard to believe since I've had to tweak my schedule a zillion times over the last month. I had some really exciting things happen in my life, some run-related, some not.

I've got to make up for some lost mileage this week though as I'm traveling and decided last night to watch the CMA's, grab some sushi and NOT get on the treadmill. Eek! I'm not a fan of hotel treadmills.

Either way, I'm SO looking forward to this weekends 8.5 and 20-miler runs....I feel totally accomplished and on my game when I get those long runs in.

Week 19
11/5   Tuesday-- 20-30 Minutes
11/7   Thursday-- 30-45 Minutes
11/8   Friday-- 3 Miles (Walk)
11/9   Saturday--8.5 Miles (Walk)
11/10 Sunday--20 Miles (Run/Walk)

Have a great rest of the week....Keep running and See you at the Castle real soon!

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