Sunday, July 28, 2013

Welcome to the family, Main Street Bakery!

 My very first Triple Grande Latte with whip at Walt Disney World.
    When I read the official announcement of the addition of Starbucks coming to the Main Street Bakery at Walt Disney World, I have to admit that I was a little worried just like many others that the Main Street Bakery would never be the same. My main concern was that the Main Street Bakery would lose it's "Main Street feel". Don't get me wrong...I'm a HUGE fan of Starbucks coffee and definitely welcome the coffee to the Disney Parks but I was a little nervous for the addition of the building itself. However, I was still confident that Disney could pull it off, no problem.
      I had just been down for the Princess Half in February and the Bakery was under refurbishment....aaaahhh!! I'd have to wait just a bit to see it. Luckily, on my trip a couple of weeks ago it was open for business!! My assessment??? LOVED it!!!
     I never got the feeling that I was in a modern new-aged Starbucks like at home. It felt like a "Disney" Starbucks. Yep. They had done it...and done it well! 
The morning that I was there it was not too crowded so I was able to take a few pictures.
 Starbucks sign hanging in the entry.
 Main Street Bakery sign.
 The current entry way to Main Street Bakery
 New sign reads: Main Street Bakery
 Not too crowded this morning.

You won't see this at my Starbucks at home. :)
 Scene from The Main Street Bakery
Refrigerated case full of drinks and snack options.
 Cast Members/Baristas hard at work.
There were all of the Starbucks pastry favorites available and usual Starbucks drinks too. The Disney Dining Plan is also accepted here that's pretty cool!
 Typical Starbucks pastries...
 Cake Pops count as a Snack credit on the Disney Dining plan.
 I wish every cup and credit card machine looked like this!
 View from the inside of Starbucks...The trolley going down Main Street USA. :)
Some of the old tables had been removed and it was spacious enough to accommodate large crowds.

 The Creamer/Sugar Station.

    While some of the old "Main Street Bakery" pastries were not available anymore, I don't think that the new Starbucks will be a huge let-down for Disney fans. I gotta admit that I could NOT wait to take a picture of my very first Starbucks on Main Street!
     If I had to have one complaint about my whole experience, it would be that they did not sell Disney/Starbucks Souvenir Coffee Mugs....I would have bought just a few of those!!

Welcome to the family, Starbucks!!  Can't wait to see you in all of the Disney Parks!

**Here are a few of the "vintage" Main Street Bakery Pics from February 2013. :)

 Main Street Bakery during Refurbishment
 Old Sign Reads: Sweet Treats Fresh Bakes and Ready to Eat

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