Tuesday, July 2, 2013

runDisney announces exciting news!

What an exciting day in my runDisney world!!
     With today being July 2nd, today marks the first day of training for Dopey Challenge 2014! I am beyond ecstatic to start my training. I love crossing off every single training run just knowing that I'm that many miles closer to running through Disney Parks!! I got up this morning as usual, getting ready for work, checking emails and posted my training schedule on twitter as a reminder to myself! See my Training schedule here.    
   What I was pleasantly surprised with later in the day, was a BREAKING NEWS tweet from runDisney  posting on their blog that they were adding in a new 10k option to Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend, January 16-19th, 2014 in Disneyland!! Any BREAKING NEWS announcement from runDisney has got to be good and today was no exception!

My shoes...Her shoes. We both like to fly!
 While I'm probably not going to be able to register for Tink Half, I'm still excited with the buzz and the news of this announcement! I am currently registered for Dopey Challenge, (5k, 10k, Half and Full Marathon) during Marathon weekend as well as the Glass Slipper Challenge (5k, 10k and Half Marathon) during Princess weekend! I know I could run Tink Half weekend, ( I have no doubts of that), but I feel like that may be too much time from home without my fam and I really want to take my kiddos and hubby to Disneyland (they've never been) or on a Disney cruise in 2014, so I'm going to hold back on Tink. Sigh.... I'm not complaining...I'm a lucky girl, I know, to be able to run the runs that I'm registered for! I'm just a "challenge" type of girl and I love love love the idea of pushing myself to the edge of  runDisney insanity to run all of those races!
     Either way, I'm going to love seeing all of my friends posting their pics of their medals and follow them along via twitter and who knows, maybe I'll receive a truckload of pixie dust from Santa or who ever delivers that sort of thing this year to my doorstep and make it happen somehow!! Always Dreaming. :)
Running the Inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland!!
     Through all of the announcements today, I decided to look back through the Inaugural Tinkerbell Half that I ran and remember the fun times I had running through Disneyland! First of all, let me just say that I'm a total fan of Disneyland and wish I could make it out there more often. I love the charm, history and nostalgia of that park. The Neverland 5k was one of my all time favorite night 5k runDisney races that I've ever ran! My gosh, Tinkerbell even conducted the opening ceremony for the race right in front of Sleeping Beauty's  Castle...it was beyond fabulous!!!
 Photo courtesy of runDisney! This is me at the start line of Neverland 5K...confetti and all!!
     There is nothing about the medal, course, parks that I did not love at Disneyland! For anyone thinking about registering, I say spread your wings and go for it!! It's a great girl's trip weekend with lots of distance options now!
 Me and my sis with our bling!
      Of course, I had to stop for a pic with the one and only Jeff Galloway! I am using his training plan for Dopey, even downloaded it to my phone so I won't forget the mileage each day! It's a run/walk method and I plan on running the entire Dopey Challenge but I can't predict the future and may have to walk. I'm prepared with his plan either way. I tweaked it just a bit to include some of my local races as well as Disney's Twilight Zone Tower of Tower 10-Miler and Happy Haunted 5k Trail Run as training races. This is sure to be a fun "training season"!
Stopped for a medal pic with Jeff Galloway after Tink Half!
     Just like Walt Disney World, I had a great time wearing my TinkHalf medal around the park after the race! First stop. Pixie Hollow! Those fairies sure are sassy when it comes to looking at my bling...Back off fairies, I earned these wings! lol!
Too bad...you gotta earn your wings!!
Ended the day at Disney's California Adventure! It's gorgeous!!
     Tinkerbell Half Marathon will always be one of my faves...the medal is beautiful, the weather was fabulous and the race is through Disneyland!! Because I ran on both coasts that year, I also earned my second Coast to Coast Medal! This year, there is a Special Edition "Pink" Coast to Coast Medal for completing Tinkerbell half Marathon at Disneyland and Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World.
      I am hoping to be able to run TinkHalf weekend again sooner than later but for now, I'm anxious to start my training for Dopey Challenge!! Happy running and hope to see you at one of the Castles!!
Loved your race, Tink!
 *Will you register for the Neverland5k, the new TinkHalf10k, the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, all three or will you spread your running wings and go for the Coast to Coast medal?!?!

*Registration for Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend opens on July 9th, 2013! Be ready to register as soon as registration opens! runDisney events have been selling out in record times!
Be sure to follow @runDisney on Twitter, Disney Parks Blog and runDisney.com for more information regarding registration and news about all of the runDisney events!

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