Thursday, January 24, 2013

Walt Disney World Marathon Meetup...a Pics Post!

            More pics during the Walt Disney World Marathon Meetup!  Read my full blog post about the meetup here!
 8 time Walt Disney World Marathon Winner, Adriano Bastos posting with Pluto!

The New Balance Crew giving away the Brand New RunDisney shoes.

A little and Donald at Hllywood Studios before the park opens!

 Group pic. #Team RunDisney/Pacebook Running Club

Found My name on Joe from The Marathon Show's shirt! I love that!

 Mickey welcoming me to the Meetup! yay!!

 Having a very silly conversation with Bill Rogers. :)

 Deep thoughts with Joey Fatone and Jeff Galloway.

Joey Fatone and Bob Hitchcock taking questions from the audience!

Surprise! Drew Carey comes out from behind the crowd!

 Drew Carey telling us about his relationship with runDisney.

Bob Hitchcock and Winner of the Marathon Adriano Bastos.

 I'm a runDisney girl!

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