Thursday, January 31, 2013


     So today when I was scrolling through Twitter and Instagram just as I do every Thursday, I see the Hashtag...#ThrowbackThursday. I usually post a pic or two, just kind of whatever I randomly find on my phone. Today I posted these two pics because we are getting close to Disney's Princess Half Marathon. Seems appropriate right? The first is a pic of me and my sis earning our Coast to Coast Medals after running the Inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon at Disneyland and then Princess Half at Walt Disney World.

 Coast to Coast Bling!

      The second pic was me and some of my Princess peeps having a blast at Magic Kingdom during Princess Half weekend. These girls are a ton of fun and I've got about 15 more Princesses in my group, so there is NEVER a dull moment during our favorite girls getaway trip!
Hanging with #thosealabamagirls
     So then I was off to run when it came to me, right in the middle of my favorite Pink song, I thought...I should really do a #ThrowbackThursday blog post every Thursday. Maybe recap a random race? No particular order...So here goes! I think what I'll do is start today. I've been kind of feeling lame because I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions so this will be something fun to keep up with all year. I may have to change up a few things along the way but i think it will be a fun way to post race recaps! New Post coming soooooon! :)

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