Monday, September 28, 2015

Heart on my sleeve? Umm no. I'm #MOTIVATED.

Well. It's been three weeks since I broke my fibula and WOW what a difference the time makes. This past weekend was kinda tough but overall, I'm seeing the bright side in all of this. 

I woke up this morning full of determination, focus and #motivation...while most people wear their heart on their sleeve, I wear my motivation on my leg. LOL. 

Here's what went down in my world today:
I started the day out at the gym with one of my besties. I'm not even playing around today...with every single rep, I'm saying "get stronger girl".

I know I have a broken bone but 99.999% of the healing is mental. That's right. I've been a mental case. I'll own that and Ill heal from that too.

The races and running will come and when they do, I'll be ready. I'll be strong! 

In the meantime, I've found a machine that I ABSOLUTELY HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH. Compound Row. Unlike a Row Machine, I'm able to add weight and not put any pressure on my right leg. I can hold the handles two different ways and work all of those back muscles, shoulders and biceps....I stayed on this machine forever today! Yeah!

After a full two hours in the gym, I was starving so I went home, chugged a protein shake and ate a salad then I did all of the adult things that suppose I have to do. Ugh! 

Next week I go back to the Orthopedic for more X-rays and hopefully will be close to coming outta this crazy boot! Until then, I'm going to workout like a BEAST this week. 

I'm starting to feel like my happy self again and I'm excited about that. :) 

Happy Running, Happy Healing and Happy Monday. :)))


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