Sunday, August 24, 2014

Marathon(s) Training Update

Ready to #RunDega! 
      Its been a few weeks since I've updated my training runs here on my blog. The reason? I keep adding races!! Help my soul. Not only did I add in Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas  but I chose to run the FULL MARATHON option! That changed everything. I knew that I would be ready for Chicago Marathon  but to follow it up a few weeks later with Vegas?? Ok. Now I'm starting to stress!

      I'm changing several of the things now that I've been doing lately. I'm really focusing on my diet...Not trying to lose weight, just trying to eat a little "cleaner". I struggle with getting breakfast down so I'm making a concious effort to get some sort of breakfast in. Protein shakes, oatmeal, yogurt and banana are about all that I can handle.

     Another thing that I'm doing is working on my core. I want abs, dangit. That's the one thing that I read about in the running mags....get your core strong! Not to mention it just looks better. The crunches are a killer but I do think that they are working!

     Last week I got in 2 6-mile runs, a 10-miler, and 2 3-mile runs. Not bad.  Looking ahead to next week:

3 miles
5 miles
8 miles
12 miles

     Nothing too exciting going on right now...just trying to knock out the miles. I will be really excited to run Talladega Half Marathon in a few weeks. If I'm going to get a long run in, I like to get a medal in the end. Talladega is also one of my favorite races so it's a win/win for me! I'm keeping my eyes on the prize!

See my full Dopey Challenge training schedule here.

Happy Running and Happy Marathon Training!

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