Friday, August 1, 2014

#FFPushUp Challenge Complete!

     Last month I decided to participate in the Fitfluential #FFPushUp Challenge. Hence the pic above. #GunShow #Lol

     Who am I kidding?!? I'm no good at strength training. I can run for hours and hours non-stop but am a total wimp when it comes to upper body strength. Clearly, I'm not good at cleaning my bathroom either. Sorry about the clothes on the tub and toothpaste on the mirror. Whoops! Cleaning all day is just not my thing.

I'm changing that! The strength training, that is... ;) 

     It's depressing every month when I get my Runner's World or Women's magazine and I see those fabulous models with chiseled beautiful arms when they run. And please don't let me look at the Athleta catalog! I don't even notice the clothes because of those ripped girls. I mean, those girls have rocking bods. Not ashamed to say I'm totally jealous! 

     So what is the #FFPushup Challenge?! I committed to do 31 push-ups everyday for the 31 days of July. Fitfluential designs a different challenge each month to spice up your workouts! Sounds easy enough right?!? Omg. No. My arms are Jell-o. That's right, mushy gushy wiggly Jell-o. 

     The first few days were OK but by day  5, I wanted to call it quits. I kept pushing through...sore arms and all. By day 20, I was finally starting to see results. Not much but a tiny tiny little bit of results. By day 27, I was starting to actually like it and by day 31, I didn't want it to end! 

     I've decided to continue on through the month of August and see how it goes. I'm adding in double the amount of crunches that I do too. Now I want abs. Maybe by the last day of August, I will be able to post a pic with real "guns" and abs and not my flabby old lady arms with a pudge tummy :) 

     Just for kicks I added up my total. 931 Push-ups later and I had achieved my goal. No wonder I've got sore arms! 

      I'm ready to take on another 931 more. Get ready magazine girls...It's going to be a GunShow throwdown..BamaGirl Style! Ha!

*Have you ever taken on a Fitness Challenge? Did you stick with it? 

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