Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bacon Lovers Beware

I'll take care of this tomorrow.
     It's 11:28pm. Friday night. I'm exhausted. I had all intentions of cooking a fabulous dinner tonight. I was staying home. Not going anywhere. Ummm yeah no. That totally did not happen. The hubby and my little boy jetted off to a basketball game, my oldest child decided at the last minute to head out to a to a party. That left myself, my middle daughter, my two puppies and my grandmother at home for the night.

     I don't cook for the puppies, my grandmother is on a crazy diet (ALWAYS), my middle child is acting like she's not hungry so scrambled eggs and bacon it is! Bacon for her. Not me. I know I know..No bacon? Not a diet thing, I just don't care for breakfast meat. Please don't send the Bacon Lovers after me. I know that they are out there and they scare me. ;)

     Needless to say, all of my aspirations of getting the kitchen cleaned, catching up on the laundry, putting away my suitcase from Princess and from another work trip this week were quickly erased from my brain. And I mean quickly. I'm walking around my house tonight like a Zombie on Princess crack. I'm just tired.

     I desperately needed the hubby to get home. I had lots to tell him. Good and Bad things...I haven't seen him really in over a week and alot can happen around the Long Casa in a week. Somehow, we've quit playing one sport and already jumped into two more. My kids already have new practices, coaches, games and track meets. And I've only been gone for one week! I need to catch him up on the daily shenanigans of mine too. Lots of people are on my nerves lately so he likes to hear that kind of stuff too, I'm sure. :) Geez Laweez, I need a few days to adjust!

     Fast forward and hour or so and hubby and my boy get home, we chat for a few, I eat the eggs, the oldest child makes it home, I manage to get the dishes to the sink (not washed, just piled up into the sink), I catch up on a few emails, make the children get to bed, hubby is out like a light on the couch and I sit down only to realize that even at my worst and my laziest, I'm pretty blessed beyond measure to be able to keep up with all of my family and their activities. Midnight Laundry is in full swing at Long Casa....hoping I am sound asleep when the buzzer goes off.

     I must get to bed pretty quick, I had a friend call me that needs a sitter for early tomorrow morning, like 7am early for a four month old! This should be fun!

     The days of sitting around holding a baby are just a blur. I have teenagers who never sit still and eat all day long.  A peaceful Saturday morning?...

     Who am I kidding? I have big plans to clean and get caught up with everything that I have abandoned during the week after the baby leaves. However, I cannot say that if something fun comes along, we won't take off. I'm not promising anything. We've got one baby to watch and one baseball practice on the books. This should be easy peasy. What could go wrong with this plan??

     I will feel really good about the situation tomorrow when my house looks like it came straight from a photo out of Southern Living Magazine. I will be able to sit back and admire the beauty of my spic and span home, feel like a million bucks and prop up my feet after a job well done.

    Now I know I'm deliriously tired. I'm laughing at that last paragraph.

     After an all day cleaning attempt, we will see how much I feel like sitting around. I usually get pretty irritated. House cleaning is just not my thing and my name is not Alice.

     I will definitely need a run tomorrow. Maybe even two. ;)

Happy Weekend, Happy Real Life, Happy Dirty Dishes and Goodnight!



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