Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why I'm Pushing it to the MAX. #DontJustShowUp #TCSNYCMarathon

Six Mile Run...No makeup. I can't even go there. Who cares?!
     What's been happening in my world?? I have fallen off of the update-my-blog-regularly-train. And for good reason.

     I have been up to my eyeballs in work. I decided a few months ago after I was back to working out 100% that I would make it my goal to become certified in as many different things to teach as I could. I wanted to expand my fitness horizons and see where my possibilities could take me. I kept an open mind and told myself that I would not turn down any opportunities that were offered to me. And WOW. Just WOW.

     I couldn't have set myself up for anything better.

My weeks go like this now....
Every other Monday morning, I teach low impact cardio to Senior Citizens.
Monday afternoons, I personal train clients and have taken on two group training Women on Weights classes.

Tuesdays, I teach YCross in the mornings and teach a Synergy 360 class at my local gym.  I teach Bootcamp in my Backyard to moms and friends in the evenings.

Wednesdays, I am teaching a Silver Sneaker (Chair aerobics) class to Senior Citizens, more personal training and Women on Weights.

Thursdays, I work in the gym (front desk, or doing whatever I am asked to do), teach my Synergy class and Backyard Bootcamp.

Fridays, I'm off work and I go workout and take classes if I'm not subbing somewhere.

That's my week in a nutshell....the parts that I left out were the parts where I fill in the time subbing, I work at four different YMCA branches, running errands for my fam and washing millions and millions of loads of laundry. My kids are all playing sports, I change clothes a half a dozen times a day and my hubs is refereeing too.

The other part that I left out is that I also run my long runs on Saturday, teach a YCross class on Sunday and try to run anytime during the week that I can fit it in.

I have two cool meetings this week to take on "new projects" for me. One has been in the works for a while which I'm pretty excited about. I can't officially say that I'm doing it just yet but pretty sure that it will happen. Think NFL! It's going to be right up my alley!

The other meeting I have was totally random and the opportunity was offered to me last week. This will be something completely different for me but I'm excited about it too. Think Strength and Conditioning for a competitive team! Sounds like a challenging thing for me to dive right into!!

After Labor Day, I'm adding a Strength Class to teach on Wednesdays and also another BOOTCAMP class three days a week in the afternoons at a Pre-School for Moms and Preschool teachers! I'm excited about these two new additions also! 

With all of the craziness of my schedule, I'm adding a few hours each week during the day to work a "Health Coach" shift at the Y. I really really like doing this too. I love the motivational end of my job. I like to encourage and I like to help members/clients see that they have all of the potential in the world to meet their health goals. This is what I like to do.

With all of this being said....my job is just the greatest. My job is exhausting. My job doesn't pay what a full time salary would pay. But I love my job. I love the flexibility and I love working 24/7. I have created my job and I wouldn't have it any other way.

For fun, I have taken on the new/old hobby of roller skating....talk about a good quad workout!! And it's so fun that I didn't even realize that I burned almost 900 calories last Saturday night!!
     There are just some days when I just have to look at the calendar to remember where I'm supposed to be, what I'm teaching and all of that kind of stuff. I'm not perfect and I rely HEAVILY on caffeine. I eat all day long and I love that I cross train like a maniac and am somehow managing to train like a beast for New York City Marathon. I have so many personal goals for this race. They don't necessarily all involve race day. I'm learning what it means to truly be a runner, a friend and an encourager. I am hoping that I walk the walk and will push myself TO THE MAX everyday. Not just race day. I don't want to be that person that just shows up. I want to be READY.

And I'm getting there. ;)

Happy Running, Happy Working and Happy Cross Training!

Drink all the coffee.

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