Friday, February 13, 2015

ZENSAH: #WhiteToBright Project

Welcome to my ZENSAH #WhiteToBright Project!

      I was asked to throw together a quick little outfit using ZENSAH "White" calf sleeves by my friend @redheadbabymama!.....I thought about this for a bit and realized that "white" pieces of running gear are just something that I don't purchase too much of.  I have two solid skirts and ZERO white shirts (unless they are race event shirts and then they are covered with logos.). Wonder why I don't buy any white?? Borrrrrrring. I like BRIGHT outfits!!!

     This might be just a little bit of a challenge for me!

     What I came up with was something cute and SIMPLE. I chose to pair my calf sleeves with solid Black shorts, a super cute red top, a houndstooth visor (because I'm from Alambama, ya'll) and my white running shoes.

     Most runners own a pair of black shorts....mine are LuLulemon. My visor is from my local Alabama College Football Spirit store. My shirt is a Champion/runDisney shirt that I purchased from the Health and Fitness Expo at Walt Disney World. My shoes are Brooks Adrenaline GTS15.

The completed look!
     Why did I choose these items??
I chose them because I like to color coordinate. The houndstooth visor gave me a little bit of playful pattern, the red shirt was BRIGHT and the I absolutely loved the White Block Font to match up with the calf sleeves. The Black Shorts?? Well. One can never go wrong with Black and most runners own a pair of solid black shorts.

     So there you have it. I would have probably never picked out White Calf Sleeves when given so many different options to purchase from ZENSAH. However, now that I have taken on the #WhiteToBright Challenge, I will totally be re-thinking my current wardrobe and how I can turn those whites into BRIGHTS!!!

How Do I like them??
     I have been wearing these calf sleeves alot since I received them!! I only own one other pair of socks from a different company (I like those too) but sleeves are just a little bit different. To me, they are not as tight and they are great to go for a quick run in! One thing that I do like about the sleeves vs. socks is that I can take these on and off when I need to without taking off my socks. I can now see why runners are believers in compression items....I am too. :)

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!
ZENSAH has given me a pair of White Calf Sleeves to give to you!! Leave a comment here and let me know that you want to win them!! It's THAT easy!!

I will pick a random winner by the end of next weekend, so hurry!

For more information on these Calf Sleeves and other great compression products from ZENSAH, please visit and be sure to follow the Hashtag #WhiteToBright to see other ways to use your white sleeves!!

Disclaimer: I was provided a pair of white calf sleeves to coordinate and outfit with and also one pair to give to you!! Thank you ZENSAH!!

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