Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tiux Compression Socks Totally ROCK!!

Welcome to my Tiux Compression Sock Review!
     One of the things in the world of running gadgets that I have never invested in has been....get ready to sit down for this one. COMPRESSION SOCKS!!!! I know. I know. Whhhhyyyy???


     Look no more. I have found a pair that are reasonable and super cute too. Meet my new TIUX Compression Socks.

     It's been cold here in Birmingham, Alabama so I had originally wanted to test them out last weekend on my long run. Ummmm no way. It was in the 30's when I started running. I needed long pants, gloves, hats. I wanted to be able to show them off in my review, not just have them on underneath my long pants. Unfortunately, the complete review would have to wait. ugh.

     So I ran long and then I put them on while I was laying around on the couch. WOW. No wonder my running friends just rave about compression socks. I could feel the magic happening in my calves. They felt tight, yet very comfy. No soreness after my long run.
A little R&R with my new Tiux Compression Socks.
Long run....I love you now!

      Fast forward to Tuesday and I'm still dying to get out there and test out my new socks. I decided to go for a 3.1 mile run in them to test the waters. My opinion?? I LOVED THEM!! I was totally feeling like a ROCKSTAR zipping around my local park!!
I kicked butt on my run tonight!
My new socks are giving me attitude.....and I like it!
Fast 5K--I'm giving credit to my new socks!

     I felt fast. And my legs felt GREAT!!!! I'm a believer in my new Tiux Compression Socks.

A little more information on Tiux Compression Socks:

Design Features
Wide top band for comfort.
Calf support and stabilization.
Achilles tendon protection to prevent blistering and irritation.
“Y” heel for contoured perfect fit.
Padded footbed provides cushion and shock absorption.
Seamless toe for maximum comfort.
Breathable mesh instep to keep your feet cool and dry.

Graduated compression (20-25 mmHg) to increase blood circulation.
Constructed with premium technical fabrics for superior moisture management and breathability.
200 thread count for ultimate durability,comfort and fit.
Left and right anatomical design.
Enhance performance by accelerating blood flow to provide more oxygen to your muscles, while flushing out metabolic wastes.
Reduce muscle fatique and damage by minimizing muscle vibration.
Recover faster and improve muscle repair with increased blood circulation.
Prevent blood pooling in the feet.

     Oh and did I mention that they are ONLY $35?!?! That in itself will make me want to buy another pair!!

     This may not be a big deal to alot of people, but I SO appreciated the socks being labeled with Left and Right. I know that I'm not the only person on earth who gets a little delirious after they run. I would never put them on the right feet if it were left up to me. ;)

Left and Right Labels. ;)
     Overall, I loved my new socks and I like that they are black. I can wear these with lots of different outfits! That's kind of important to me....the cute factor. ;)

     Feel free to visit Tiux.co to grab a pair for yourself!

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of  Tiux Compression socks in exchange for my honest review. I give them an extra dose of Bamagirlruns love because I think that they are just groovy baby!

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