Monday, November 17, 2014

Letting it Go.

     Last week was by far one of the WORST weeks of my life. While most will assume that it had something to do with running or The Disney Parks Moms Panel rejection...sorry, guess again.  My family had a bomb dropped on us and when things like that happen, the Mama bear in me takes over. My kids and my family mean everything to me and I'm going to take the bull by the horns and turn this situation around.  My bad week had nothing to do with either of those things that I mentioned above, although those were two of the things that didn't make the week any better. Throw in a root canal by the end of the week and I was toast.

     As far as the Moms panel goes, I heard some very disturbing things about the whole process and how it operates and I'm truly sad if what I heard is true. I'm praying that's not the case. I'll keep applying for the panel because I love Disney Parks and runDisney and am in it for all of the right reasons. I won't bash the operation and I refuse to gossip but I will step back from some of the insanity of it. There's nothing wrong with wanting to surround yourself with things that make you happy and things that prove to be truthful.

     As far as running goes, I had to cancel my trip to Vegas at the midnight hour which was a HUGE stab right to the gut for me.   First of all, that run has been on my personal running bucketlist for at least five years so my husband had NO IDEA how to handle me when that happened. He just kept apologizing. It was a done deal and I had to dig deep to try not to be upset all weekend. I'm not gonna lie, that shook me to the core.

     I hear it all of the time that being a Mom is the hardest job in the world and once again that proves to be true for me. This weekend was NOT all about me because there's no part of me that wanted to cancel my trip to Vegas. My trip was paid for. All reservations were made. I was more than trained to run 26.2 miles under the bright lights of Vegas. UGH. But WOW, just WOW do things have a way of turning around?? One simple sentence from my little boy brought me to my knees of just how very blessed that I am. For that, I could not even entertain the thoughts that had previously filled my brain with stupid selfishness. Those things don't mean anything.

     At the end of the weekend, there was no place I would rather have been than right here at home with my kiddos and my family. Races come and races will go. And believe me, I've got Vegas on my calendar already for next year!! I had a great talk with myself and have decided to let a few things go that make me sad or just don't really bring out the best in me. My kids and my family deserve the best of me.

     I'm finding solutions for that "big bomb" that landed on me last week and I feel GREAT about these decisions. I deserve the best of me too. :)

     On the bright side, I gained another week of training that I would normally spend resting after a marathon....all focus on Dopey Challenge now! I've got 52 days to get my butt in shape! EEEEKKK!

Happy Running and Happy Marathon Training!

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