Monday, November 3, 2014

All Runners Need More Sleep! My Food For Sleep Review

Welcome to my Food for Sleep Review!
     A few months ago, I attended the TypeA Bootcamp Bloggers Conference at Walt Disney World. I had a great time at the conference, met up with lots of friends, played in the parks and of course met some new friends. I will be honest and tell you that I didn't really receive too much love from the sponsors that were there. Several of them were geared more towards little kids and mommy-type stuff, but still overall, a great conference.

     At heart, I'm still a "mommy" to my three big kids. They need me now more than ever. And I LOVE that. I love that I have quit my job, decided to be home and be "present" for them at 3:00 everyday. There's NO dollar amount or salary that can compare. None. So when I attend social media/blogger conferences and to the mommy-type sponsors....I get it. However, I'm just a little bit past diapers. That's all.

     Back to the conference. There was one sponsor that REALLY got my attention. Let me introduce you to this fella, Bob Jones--founder and CEO of FOOD FOR SLEEP.

Meeting with Bob Jones, CEO of Food For Sleep
Walt Disney World, TypeA Bootcamp
     I met Bob Jones at the conference and we instantly hit it off! We talked for a very long time and in detail about his product. I'm a Super Nerd when it comes to all things related to running and fitness, especially products that enhance your performance. Now this product does not help you run faster or anything like that but what it does do is that it provides a HEALTHY way to promote sleep while providing nutrients and natural ingredients. His company is gearing this products towards athletes and individuals that lead a very active lifestyle and just have a hard time receiving proper amounts of sleep. I totally fit that mold. I'm sold!

What exactly IS Food For Sleep??
2 1/2 oz shot of Food for Sleep
"Welcome! You’ve probably found us because you were looking for something that would help you sleep. Maybe you’re looking for something that isn’t a prescription drug, isn’t a pill, and won’t leave you feeling groggy and “hung over” when you wake. Our product – Food for Sleep – might be the answer. Food for Sleep is a 2 ½ ounce drink made from foods clinically demonstrated to promote healthy sleep.

The active ingredients are tart cherry juice and a special form of whey protein that’s rich in tryptophan. That’s appealingly simple, but the science is quite sound."

The Results are in!
     I was worried about taking this product for the first time but I spoke on the phone for a very long time after the conference with Bob and he re-assured me that I would not have any grogginess, sluggishness, or weird side effects from Food For Sleep. I'm the type of person that can't take a Tylenol PM or I'm OUT LIKE A LIGHT for days! He was totally right! I felt GREAT the next morning and got a full 8 hours of sleep!

     The one thing that I told Bob is that I was training for a few night races and that I really wanted to train and use this product pertaining to those specific races. I wanted to fit this product into my training and schedule and not just drink it for the sake of drinking and trying a product. So I did just that. I have a hard time shutting down at night and since I'm a night-runner, this was going to be perfect for my training.

     I used a 6-day trial and tried to mix it up just a little bit. I used some on regular training days, one after a really long run, I used one the night before I ran Tower of Terror 10-miler and I just used my last one after a day when I had just had enough of the day, had a really intense workout at the gym and wanted to just get to sleep! Honestly, I will say that some of the days I slept longer than others, depending on the times that I had to wake up but overall I slept like a rock and I believe in this product.

     Now when the bottle says that it is made from Tart Cherry Juice....let's be clear on that. It is made from TART CHERRY JUICE!!!! It's super sour and I was not prepared for that! I wouldn't say that it's bad though. Afterall, it is a 2 1/2 oz shot so just about the time that I really tasted it, I was done with it!

     There is nothing worse than being a runner, exhausting yourself with your workouts and then not being able to sleep. NOTHING. I would suggest that everyone try this product and test it out for yourself. I loved it and will continue to use it!

     The one complaint that I read constantly from other runners, moms and people in general is that they just don't get enough sleep. It's time to change that! Try out Food for Sleep and get some zzzz's. I promise that getting enough sleep at night will change the way that your runs go! :)

**For more details and information on how to purchase this product, please visit  There you will find Sleep tips, information on how and why you should keep a sleep journal and be able to read reviews from other happy customers.

Disclaimer: I was provided a trial pack of Food for Sleep to review in return for my honest opinion. I am thoroughly impressed with this company and product so I give it an extra dose of Bamagirlruns love!

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