Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What do your kids see?? #KeepItReal

     I was going through my camera roll last night and found this pic. What in the world?? 

     This was taken by my 2nd beautiful child who is always taking the most random pictures. However, it dawned on me...this is what she sees when she looks over at me. ME. 

      She wasn't taking a picture of a perfectly posed pic. Not edited. Not cropped. Not ready-for-Facebook. Authentic and real. ME. 

     I'm at Little Caesar's drive-thru grabbing a few pizzas because I promised them that I wouldn't cook or run tonight----we are catching up on Once Upon A Time, three episode marathon. Whoop!  Water in the console. Seatbelt on. I'm on the phone as we pull up trying to cancel an appointment. My wallet is always always always HOT MESS but I always carry a cute wallet. I've got lots of arm candy. I'm in a cute simple grey t-shirt dress that I got lots of compliments on...cost 3.49 at Gap outlet and I never leave home without my sunglasses. I whip off my sunglasses to talk to the drive thru person. I don't know why I do that but I do. 

     Moral to the blog post: I'm happy that I found this picture and it made me realize that my kids see the real me. My kids capture the best of me. I'm happy that I can post even my worst pictures. I mean, I'm missing my head in this picture. Lol

     It's important to me that I match up my real life with my online life. 

Yeah, we all want that perfect Facebook/online life where we are all happy all of the time, all on the most perfect vacation or we all have the most perfect clean home with the most perfect well behaved children. Or do we?!?! 

     I DO NOT. That's not life and that's NOT what my kids see. I'm so very thankful for the constant reminder to be a little more like my real self everyday. I was punched in the face with this last night. :) 
     I only wish she would have gotten a glimpse of my Alabama curly hair in July. Now that's worth a zillion pictures for Facebook! 

Happy Running and have a "REAL" Happy Wednesday. :) 


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