Thursday, July 3, 2014

I'm a KatieKActive Ambassador! #DefineBrave

  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am now a KatieKActive Ambassador. I couldn't be more excited! I did a little bit of research about this company and I'm very impressed. There are lots of running clothes brands out there. Probably too many if the truth be known. It can be very overwhelming to decide just exactly what works for you.

     I'm not going to lie, I wear lots of brands of running clothes, some I like sports bras better, some I like the way their tops fit, some I really dig their shorts. Overwhelming is an understatement. I'm excited to try something new with new options. :)

     Why Katie K??

     One of the things that this company prides themselves on is that these are fitness/workout/running clothes designed by women--for women. As we all know, women come in all different sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, we aren't all the hard-body women in most of the workout ads. I wish we were but we're not.  I've got curves and I'm pretty proud of them. :) #LoveYourself

     In saying all of this, curves are not necessarily a bad thing but it is hard to find clothes that REALLY flatter your curves. Some fitness clothes just don't look good on certain sizes. Sad but true.

     One of the BEST features of this company is that their clothes come in sizes 3-3XL. I think this is exciting for women who really want to purchase quality clothes that really look good on them. Let's face it, if you look good you feel good.

     Katie K Active workout gear is very curve-flattering and is meant to be worn during your workout and then after your workout as well. Amen to that! I know that I will go get a run in and then head straight to the grocery store. I almost always throw on some sort of "cover up" when I go out in public after a good workout. I love the idea of having something that duals as workout or post-workout clothing.
Love my curves!
Don't think I have a modeling career ahead of me. LOL.

     I am the proud owner of the Signature Cowl Neck, Signature Capris (Zebra Print), Headband (Zebra Print to match my capris) and the Racer Back Tank.  I chose the Cowl Neck in Coral (love that color) and have enjoyed being able to throw it on after I run. This top can be worn a couple of different ways....with a built in scarf (which I LOVE because I freeze after I cool down), as a cowl neck (haven't tried it that way yet) or as a hoodie, how fun is THAT??? The bottom of this top can be cinched up by a draw-string or left loose. So many fun options.

Trying out the built-in scarf feature. Super cute!
     The Capris are great. They are really really tight. #CompressionLove. There is a reflector strip on the bottom and they have a built-in pocket on the side (perfect for your ID, key, money, etc.). The ones that I chose have a fun zebra print waistband with a grip on the inside. Those babies are not moving after I put them on!! Bye Bye sagging capris! See ya.

Grip under the waistband.

Oh hey side pocket!

     I've worn my racer back tank (I chose black) several times now. One thing that I really get hung up on is how my clothes hold up in the washing machine. If they are cheap material and tear up easily, I don't buy that brand anymore.  As much as I would like to think that I will take "extra special care" with washing my clothes, I don't. I have kids and I'm just doing good most days to get the laundry DONE much less wash them a certain way. Again, I wish I was THAT Mom but I'm not. I throw it all in the wash and hope for the best!! So far, my tank is surviving my poor washing habits. It looks just as great as the first day that I got it. #Quality.

     The options don't stop there. There are skirts, capris, tops, jackets and accessories available.
Because I'm an Ambassador for this company, I am able to offer you a 15% discount and free shipping on your next KatieK Active purchase. Go check them out and use Code KRISTIN15.

     Happy Shopping and I think that you will love these new clothes as much as I do! Let me know if you try out this new fitness wear...I'd love to hear what you buy!

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**How do you #DefineBrave?




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