Saturday, May 24, 2014

When She Cared To Send The Very Best :)

The Very Best from my Mom. :)
     My Mom brought over a few gifts that she gathered up for me for Mother's Day. Don't you just love a good 'ole gift from Mom??

     Granted, it would be nice to receive a new or car or an all expense vacation from Mom every once in a while (just kidding Mom) but isn't it nice to receive something so personal and to know that someone out there in the world just "gets" you??  That's so much better than any expensive gift ever. EVER. 
My new favorite Coffee Mug. Circa 1970's?

     First, she gave me a Vintage Walt Disney World Resort Coffee Mug that I clearly remember my parents drinking their morning coffee out of when I was a child. My parents were always big on buying things as souvenirs from our trips that would last and be practical. Probably the very reason why I'm a Walt Disney World/runDisney/Disneyland/Vacation Coffee Mug Hoarder now. Follow me on Instagram and you'll see that. ;) 

     I will treasure this mug. 

My first Selfie.
     The next mug she gave me was an original copy of my first #Selfie. POLAROID. OMG. Are you kidding Me??? I love this more than life itself!!! I was cool before the iPhone Flip Cam was cool! She said I was reaching up high to take this pic of me, her and my sister.

      A couple of other things I love about this pic: I've got pigtails, My Mom is looking up, My sister's face. We are squeezed in and I'm focused. Where's the LOVE button in this blog post??

Me. Aka Wonder Woman.
     The next pic she gave me was a pic of me in my Under-Roos dressed as Wonder Woman. Really. Does it get any better than this??? Again. The Pigtails. The Rope, the homemade headband made from felt and the white tights. I can't get enough!!! Look at me...Ready to Save the World! Thank you for reminding me that I've always been a Wonder Woman. I needed to see this right about now!!

Alex and Ani Daughter Bracelet.
      Last but not least, she gave me an Alex and Ani "Daughter" bracelet. That's something I would have never bought for myself but I love it! I have all of the Disney bracelets. (I've been collecting them for each runDisney race that I run). It's just hard to buy something that describes you this way. I know how proud of my daughters I am, so I "get" this gift. SO SWEET.

     Thanks again Mom for totally making my day!!! It's not a million dollar gift but these are gifts straight from the heart and those are the best kind. I am totally spoiled with love and there's no money in the world that can replace that. 

     However, I do need to re-think that  runDisney Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon though because I think I was totally ROCKIN' those Wonder Woman UnderRoos. ;)

     Spoil your kids and family with day they will thank you for it. :)

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