Monday, June 3, 2013

My #RWRunStreak Week One Results

     I had just gone for my normal 5 mile run on Sunday with Holly when I saw Runner's World's Twitter Post the Runner's World Summer Run Streak 2013. I've seen the streaks before but haven't been able to participate so  I decided to check it out and learned that it was 39 straight days of running!  A run streak everyday from Memorial Day to the 4th July. The minimum mileage is one mile and there is no maximum.  I was already done with Day One so I decided to take the plunge! #RWRunStreak...Here I come!
     Under my normal running circumstances, I would never run less than 3 miles. However, because I'm challenging myself with this run streak, I'm going to run really low mileage a few days during the week. I don't want to have an injury and I'm going to start training soon for RunDisney's Tower of Terror 10-Miler and Dopey Challenge! By using the Jeff Galloway training plan and the Runner's World Run Streak for #TOT10Miler, I think this streak will help me tremendously when it comes to getting prepared for my Disney runs. During #TOT10Miler weekend, I'm also running the 5k that morning so I need quantity and late evening training runs. I'll probably have to work in a few two-a-days when it comes closer to race time in October. For Dopey Challenge, I think quantity and consecutive-day running are going to be the key for success in these races. I'm really hoping to participate in a Runner's World Winter Run Streak too! Bring on the extra excitement for my training plans..yay!!
      I managed to get in 18.08 miles over the course of 7 days, which averages 2.58 miles per run. Not bad but definitely could be better. I'll work on upping the mileage next week!
      Here are my daily results for Week one:
Day One..5.18 Miles. Met my friend Holly for a Memorial Day run.

Day two...3.10 Miles in my neighborhood.

 Day 3...Quick 2.2 mile run after work in my neighborhood.

 Day four...2.5 Miles on the treadmill at my hotel. HOT.

 Day five...I didn't want to run at all but did it anyways. 1 mile was all I had in me.

 Day six...Got up early and got 3 miles in while my Justin was warming up for his All-Star game!

 Day seven...Ran 1 mile before church on Sunday. I needed a day of rest. :)
     I'm having alot of fun with this challenge and will hopefully be able to keep it up! A little extra training never hurts. :) Big Thanks to Runner's World for hosting!
**Don't forget to check out the Jeff Galloway training page list on for future RunDisney races and RunDisney and Runner's World on Twitter for all of the latest and greatest updates and information!

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