Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sundays, Naps and Hills!

     So I've really been working, running my kids around and taking things waaaay too fast since the start of the year so I decided to get back to my Sunday naps (which I love) and slow down just a bit. So far so good! Two Sundays in a row with 3+ hour naps and I'm feeling FABULOUS. The weather was out of control beautiful this weekend! Sunny and 70. Yes!!!!

I started my day off today by going to church, then out to lunch with the fam. That's pretty much the norm around here. Insert three hour nap now, woke up, grabbed a quick cup of joe and then off to run! Got three quick miles in.. I've been running in my neighborhood lately and don't really know why because its SOOO hilly! It is good for speed work though, which comes in handy on race day. I'm sitting on the back porch watching my little boy play in the backyard now, which is another thing I love to do...just watch my kids be kids. And yes, that IS a vacuum cleaner on the back porch in the pic. Insert *real life* here. :) So that's it for today. DEFINITELY not a bad way to spend a Sunday!


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  1. Church, followed by lunch, a nap, and a run? Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!! :0)