Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Weekend of the BIG Head!

How excited was I to go to the Season Opener of the Alabama Basketball game and spot this guy??  It was like seeing a MAJOR Celeb!! He is quickly becoming the "Face" of Bama Basketball!!
Well that was Friday night. Let's move on to Saturday. Time for the Alabama vs. Texas A&M game. Huge game? Yes. Big Game? Yes.
So OMG. How excited was I to be standing outside of Bryant-Denney Stadium and see a LARGER than life Nick Saban Head coming right towards me???? OMG.  The weekend of spotting the BIG HEADS...Yeah!!!!
I love this Pic of me and my friend Meredith actually holding our pal Big Saban Head. I mean, would he just die if he ever saw this?? I would think he'd actually be happy and probably laugh. lol.
Saban...if you read my blog, leave a comment and Roll Tide Roll! :)

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