Saturday, October 27, 2012

Run With It!

I happened to stumble upon the greatest little Running Store the other day when I was in Fort Walton Beach Florida. "Run With It"" is the name and it is fabulous! The folks were extremely helpful, extremely nice and gave me great insight as to what's going on in the Fort Walton running community! They even invited me to join in on their Tuesday night runs. Awesome! 

Make sure to keep up to date on all of their happenings on their Facebook Page and on Twitter! And stop in to see them the next time you hit the sunny beaches of Fort Walton Beach Florida
 No trip to the running store would be complete without a new fun gadget to bring home. I feel an entire blogpost coming on about this bad boy. Stay tuned for that!
 The Back Door is always open! :)
 Of course I was only passing through the area but will definitely stop back on on my next trip!


  1. I love finding a good running store! This looks awesome. Oh the roller - hurts so good right ;-)

  2. Foam roller=misery and then happiness!!! Cool running stores make me smile! I haven't heard of it, but I would like to!

  3. I love running stores! My favorite is our local Running Wild, they are so nice and helpful! That roller looks interesting. Foam roller is one of my necessities in life.