Sunday, August 19, 2018

The weekend wrap-up!

What started out as an ordinary weekend for me, quickly took a turn for the better when I decided to work late Friday night and received a surprise text from my husband that my oldest daughter was home for the weekend from college! 

It’s been a full two weeks since she has moved out and I’m feeling a little down. Who am I kidding?!? I’m ALOT down. Lost without her is more like it.

Not sad. Just something in my house has been missing. 

I’ve been filling the void with work. So when I received the photo of my daughter laid back on my couch) while I was at work at 7pm on a Friday night), I knew I was about to have a pretty good weekend. 

Dilemma: I want to spend every waking minute with my kids this weekend but I also want to get my training runs in.

Saturday morning, I head out to meet my girlfriends for a 15 mile run starting at 5am...success. I ran the miles, hung around for a bit, drank coffee and ate breakfast and was still home pretty early. 

Saturday afternoon, Lunch with my whole crew and then i spend the late afternoon cleaning out my garage and lots of my kids’ things that they just don’t need anymore. 

Saturday comes over and then late night trip to the grocery store to stock up my girl as she heads back to her dorm on Sunday! 

Sunday: GREAT DAY. 

I decide to wake up super early, grab a few miles with some friends who invited me on Saturday to come run with them on Sunday morning...

I’m back home by 8am, wake up all my kiddos, cook a big breakfast and then we head off to church! After church, I have to say goodbye again but then I’m quickly off to work. I teach my class and then quickly head off to take care of a few things that just need to be dealt with. ;) 

Bootcamp Sunday night in my driveway and then cook a big ole Sunday night dinner and ready for Monday....

So. WOW. that’s a whole lot of details about my personal life and schedule but the bottom line is that I balanced out my family time with my run/workout times. I ran early (while my kids were asleep) so that I didn’t compromise my time with them....

But basically, I’ve gotten very little sleep this weekend and I crashed for 45 min Sunday late afternoon and that just wasn’t enough. 

I’m headed to bed soon and am really looking forward to a good week at work and logging more miles this week than I did last week! 

I bump my long run up to 16 miles on Saturday....I’m LOVING this hot and very humid weather. The sweat coming out of me is crazy. And I love it.

One last thing...update on my job interview situation! I absolutely LOVED the interview process on Thursday. THANK YOU ALL for sweet messages, texts and posts! I’m not sure what (or if anything) will ever come from the job itself but it was fun to apply! 

Either way, I have a job that I will eagerly wake up tomorrow to go work! That’s a testament to the people that I surround myself with daily. Pretty awesome folks!


And GO LIVE IT!!! :)))

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