Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Caved to the #TcsNycMarathon Right Side of The Road Pressure

I did it. With four minutes to spare. I did it. 

I applied for the 2017 Tcs New York City Marathon lottery.

I ran it last year and it was the best experience of my life. I said it would be years before I ran it again. I said it was too expensive. I said I couldn't take the time off work. 

I couldn't ruin my first time experience by running it again too quickly. 

Bottom Line. It was the BEST race experience of my life and there was NO WAY that I could not at least try to run it again. I even told random strangers about it tonight. It's been on my brain all day....when things are in my brain like that, there's a reason why and I just gotta go with it. Heck, one of the strangers applied while i was talking to him and telling him about my race experience. I was like......whattttt?!! No way I could not enter the lottery.

If I don't get picked, that's ok. But at least I tried. And if I do, Merry Early Christmas to me!!! Today was a great day for me to re-live my #tcsnycmarathon experience all over again. 

When I describe this race, I tell people that I could run it a zillion times and never  even come close to having the same race experience. And I believe that. However, last year, I ran the race all the way to the left side of the road and i just gotta see what the right side of the road would be like. ;) 

I know that sounds totally crazy but if you're a runner, you probably understand this logic a tiny bit. ...

Good Luck to all of those who entered the lottery. I'm in it just like you and I hope to see you all in NYC. :) 

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