Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm on Periscope! #BamagirlrunsPeriscope

     Over the last couple of weeks I have totally become ADDICTED to Periscope!!!  If you don't download another app this gotta download this one! 

     Of course I could watch videos all day on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Vine all day BUT when I realized that with Periscope, I could connect with friends and chat back and was done deal! I instantly became a Periscope junkie. ;) 

     I recorded my first LIVE broadcast this week, had total fun with it and can't wait to record more! My brain is just swirling around with things that I wanna talk about! 

     Check out my first Broadcast here:

     Stop what you are doing now, go find me and all of your other friends and let's have fun with "The Periscope". ;)

Happy Running and See you real soon on Periscope! 

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