Friday, April 24, 2015

20 Running Facts That You May or May Not Know About Me. #YouOrderChineseFood

20 Facts Selfie. Yo.
I am constantly being tagged in the photos on Instagram like...."post 20 random facts about yourself", or "tag 20 beautiful women" get the idea.

I've never replied back with my 20.

I feel kinda silly to list out 20 things on Instagram and honestly, I don't even know if I could list out 20 things about myself that are not running related.

So.....of course, my brain just started thinking about it and I decided to list out 20 RANDOM and I mean RANDOM facts about me. Most are running related but I threw in a few just because they are things that make you go hmmmm. #SeeWhatIDidThere

Sit back, Grab a cup of coffee and please let me entertain you for a just a few moments. ;)

1. I run runDisney events. Duhhhhhhh. Not only do I run lots of these events but I occasionally receive a little grief from people saying that it's just Disney, these are not real races. Nope. Respect the Distance, people! I will have runDisney's back any day of the week. Period. The End. 48.6 Miles is a real race, I don't care how ya look at it!

2. I listen to music 24/7. It drives my family and kids crazy but it's how I let my mind go. But yet, I sing and get the words all mixed up and that drives them even crazier!

3.  My hair is too thick for cute little elastic headbands. I'm totally jealous when I see girls with a cute ponytail and no fly-aways. I go running down the road with my headbands poppin' off the back of my head. Not cute.

4.  My favorite low-rise running socks are Balega. No blisters, lots of cush and not alot of logo.
I do not own enough compression socks. I currently own one pair. What is my problem??

5. I always wear sunglasses when I run. My eyeballs can't handle the sun and wind! Plus...they hide my old-lady wrinkles. Just sayin'.

6.  My number one dream race is New York City Marathon.

7.  I have been working out a ton and have lost 8 pounds...I am now needing smaller running clothes. It's a good problem and my little shoulder muscles are cute but dannnnnnng, I can't afford new clothes. #BringOnTheProteinShakes

8.  My personality doesn't match "Pink" but "Pink" is one of my favorite colors to wear when I run.

9.  Speaking of wearing running clothes, I never wear race shirts to other races. That's like wearing Universal Studios character clothing to Walt Disney World Resort or wearing a Halloween shirt on Christmas Day. I just can't go there!

10.  I own a ton of running gadgets. And use them all.

11.  I'm a photo hoarder and can't delete. My phone is always full and I hate the phrase "Cannot Take A Photo". It makes being a #SelfieQueen kinda challenging.

12.  I drink the most water during my day right before I go to bed at night and have trained my bladder to hold it. Rarely do I have to stop during a race. #HorseBladder #TmiIKnow

13.  I own every bib from every race that I've ever ran with the date, location and my time written on the back. #Nerd

14.  I track all of my mileage. I try to Instagram each run but if I don't, I write it down. My calendar is a hot mess of miles logged.

15.  Was asked the other day..."Do you think in 10 years that you will still be running?" My answer? "I will be running more."

16.  If I could run a 5K race every weekend, I would. I love Saturday morning race days. Nothing better than seeing all of my friends and getting in a good run. Those are my favorite ways to kick off the weekend.

17. I answer the phone to my kiddos like they have just placed a Chinese food order. I have NO IDEA why we started that but they are like..."No Mom, we didn't order egg rolls." LOL.

18.  I'm on Blood Pressure Medication and sometimes need my inhaler when I run. Big Time Bummer.
My Cardiologist was not amused in the ER when I came in wearing a Marathon shirt.

19.  I drink a HOT cup of coffee before I run and after (even if it's 100 degrees outside). I freeze after I quit running.

20.  I'm a gypsy at heart and am always dreaming of running somewhere far far away.  One day, I'm going to cross off my Bucket List Races. It's going to take me a little while to do it but it WILL Happen!

21. Just Because I said I would list out 20. I'm stubborn and like to do my own thing! ;)

That was fun and not so painful....I'm SURE that I could think of 20 more Random facts if I sat here for a few more minutes because I just opened up my fridge and thought, "well that's just lovely. I didn't even talk about guacamole and banana bread on the list."

Happy Running and Happy Reading my Nonsense! :)))

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