Monday, September 8, 2014

Marathon(s) Training Update #ChiMarathon #Talladega #DopeyChallenge

     Another week of marathon training is IN THE BOOKS. This is the time where I'm either ready to run the race or run a half as part of my training. Lucky for me, that's exactly what I'm doing next weekend. On Sunday, I'll be running my 5th Talladega Half Marathon. I love this race and the weather is supposed to be in the low 60's at the start. Heaven on a NASCAR track. YESSSSSSS.

     Before I skip ahead to Sunday, I've got a FULL week of running ahead. Zero Taper time....Dopey Challenge training is not very concerned with tapering. LOL ;)

9/8---Week 15
45 minutes (5 miles)
45 minutes (5 miles)
*9 miles
3 miles (14 miles) (Talladega Half)

     I am thinking that I will be one tired Mama after Sunday. I feel a lazy Sunday afternoon coming on....

See my full marathon training plan here.

**Do you taper?

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