Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tangled Royal Family 5K 2012

 Daisy and Minnie at Epcot!

     If you have never ran one of the runDisney 5k's ..I would suggest registering ASAP!! Seriously, as much as I love running the Half Marathons and Full Marathons...I love the 5ks just as much! These races are a great way to get a glimpse into what one of the larger races are like. Packed full of characters along the course and the shorter distances make these runs soooo appealing! Because I run all of the long distance races, I love using these as a "warm up" for the long races. Not to mention, they are themed as "family" races so there is no timing chips and are a little more relaxing. There is a time limit to finish but easily attainable for kids and families.
     The start of the race is still an early morning start and I know that can be challenging for some to do the early morning two mornings in a row. This particular 5k is the morning before Princess Half but I just thought.."Hey, I'm at Walt Disney World and I just can't let a RunDisney event happen without me if I'm there"! So here I am...bright and early at the Start line. I'll rest when I get home. No time to rest at Disney! :)

Early morning at the Start Line!

This Royal Family 5K was themed "Tangled". All of the main characters from the movie were there, even Maximus! He was Gorgeous!!! Although it doesn't look like he was too interested in seeing me there. He was all about his food. LOL.
Tangled's Maximus!

    One of the cool things I like about running the 5k's, is that the longer distance runs are a bit more crowded along the course,( like 10,000+ more people crowded), so these races are an excellent way to get lots of pics with characters with not much time spent standing in line. One of my all-time favorite race pics is the one up top with Daisy and Minnie in Epcot! They were too cute! Not to mention, the cool landmarks along the way. Well, running past anything at Disney is cool. just saying.
Run by the front side of the Geosphere...first time to do that! aaaahhhh!!!
     So.... as many of the RunDisney races that I have ran, this 5k was the first time I had EVER ran in front of the Geosphere at the front gates of Epcot! I had ran in front of the Castle numerous times, in front of the Tree of Life in the Circle of Life 5k (2009) with my kiddos, and in front of the Sorcerers Hat in Hollywood Studios but this was a first for Epcot!!! I love that the 5k's can bring surprises that you would never expect. One of my favorite moments of the day!

 Caught up with Race Director John Hughes...seriously, the nicest guy!
     I had met John Hughes, Race Director for Princess Half Marathon and owner of running store, Track Shack in Orlando, Florida earlier in the weekend and started next to him in the 5k. He's waaaaay faster than me so he took off at the start. He was telling me how he loves to actually run the Disney runs too and get a perspective of the race from the runners point of view.  In the end, I caught up with him at the finish and he was congratulating me on a great run! Such a nice and friendly guy!
Finished with some of my BFFS!
     I finished the race with some of my BFF Alabama girls!! We run at different paces but in the end, it's photo-op time with our Bling!!! Such cute medals for the 5k's! We've got quite a collection of Disney Bling going now...and no plans in sight to quit collecting! :)

My top 5 Favorite things about this race:
1.)It's a RunDisney event...NOTHING better.
2.)Running in FRONT of the Geosphere
2.)Tons of Characters on the course
3.)Shorter distance..not wearing myself out for Princess Half the next day!
4.)Cool Bling with friends..Love it!

 Make sure to check out and get registered for a 5k soon! I'm running the "Mickey and Minnie" themed  2013 Royal Family 5k and I can't wait!!! I've got some polka dots planned to wear...embracing my inner Mouse-ness!

Happy Running and See you at the Castle!! :)

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